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Pennsylvania Law requires the Sheriff of Butler County to process all Applications for a License to Carry Firearms.

PA License to Carry Firearms Application

Licenses are issued to all those who qualify, based on a background investigation done by the Sheriff's Office through the Pennsylvania Instant Check system (PIC). Once an application for license to carry is filed, the Sheriff has 45 days in which to do the investigation and notify the applicant. The license is valid for 5 years. The Sheriff has the ability to revoke the license at anytime for misuse.

All applicants are required to have a valid Pennsylvania Drivers License. The $20.00 fee must be paid at time of application.

Firearm Application Instructions

Please Follow These Instructions

  • After you open the online form, complete every field.
  • Print out page 1 of the form only. For most users, the option to print Page 1 of 1 is the easiest way to print just the first page.
  • Allow the ink to dry
  • Turn the paper over and reinsert it into your printer.
  • Print Page 2 of the form on the remaining blank side using the same method described in step 2 above, except you will print Page 2 of 2.
  • Sign the form and hand-deliver it to the office.

Please Note:Applications submitted using two pieces of paper are subject to rejection by the sheriff. Please print your application "back-to-back" using one piece of paper.